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Law Garden

Law Garden
Every person, be it an individual, institution, firm or company, is a member of the Society. It is a part and parcel of the Society, has to live in and with the Society. It is therefore, the duty of every member to contribute what it can to the Society. Saumya has the privilege of contributing its bit to various philanthropic activities connected with development and beautification work in and around the city. The developments, sponsored by corporate bodies, are carried out by Saumya on no profit - no loss basis, employing its infrastructure, manpower and resources. Faith is placed on Saumya by such corporate bodies to partner in the societal objective. Given here below is the detail of some development work carried out by Saumya.

The Avenue from Law Garden to Mithakhali Six Roads has been laid with beautiful footpath, along with plantations and lights thereon, matching the elegance of the elite street, housing the Mayor and Municipal Commissioner of Ahmedabad.

Journey of beauty starting at Law Garden ends at Mithakali Six Roads with elegant development of Mithakhali Circle with Fountain and decorative horticulture.

"First impression is the last impression"-a maxim well known and quite true also. In continuance to its societal objectives, Saumya has developed, a circle- an eye catching beauty, at Airport junction, the gateway to State for tourists/visitors entering the city through the Airport. With lush green lawn and decorative plants, the Fountain at the circle is the tip on the iceberg. The beauty of the circle multifolds at night, with the colourful lights within the Fountain adding glory to it.

The development work was carried out by Saumya on no profit - no loss basis, employing its infrastructure, manpower and resources for contributing to beautification of Ahmedabad for the benefit of the society.

Mithakhali Fountain Night View of Foutain of Airport Circle
Saumya has developed Motilal Hirabhai Park (a public garden belonging to the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, popularly known as LAW GARDEN among the citizens of Ahmedabad) and also Mithakhali circle with fountain. The park has avenue connecting it with Mithakhali Six Roads and also been beautifully designed by renowned architect Kamal Mangaldas and completely renovated with eye pleasing fountains, modern children's park, jogging track and beautiful lighting domes, advance sprinklers.....As a result of this face-lift, the garden has now become a favourite spot of recreation for the people of Ahmedabad, attracting thousands everyday. In fact, the park has won acclaim from people using it at large and even been instrumental in getting the municipal corporation, national awards for parks & gardens